So we asked Bud Light if they wanted to sponsor our Super Bowl Party…

People who know me well know I get more excited for the Super Bowl than I do for Christmas.

As always, I stock up on Bud Light for my Super Bowl shindigs. Luckily, it was cold enough on our back deck this year to keep these and a couple other cases cold during the party.

But then I thought maybe Bud Light actually would be interested in sponsoring it, or at least give me a couple of koozies to pass out.

I first filled out the contact us form on Within a day, I received this email:

And this is what happened next …

Naturally, our guests thought I was kidding again when I wrote on the invitation that Bud Light was presenting our party.

A special thanks to not only Bud Light,
but to Randy Reynolds and Brewery Products Co.
in York, Pa., for supplying the cool swag.

Husband. Dad. Fan of writing, baseball, cigars, and beer. University of Dayton grad from Youngstown, Ohio, living in York, Pa.

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